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Test Triangle

Test Triangle is a leading Irish independent IT Consultancy with our HQ in Dublin Ireland, and offices in India & the UK. We provide managed testing, training, and DevOps services globally, through on and offsite contract resources of all levels of seniority, as well as managing entire projects end-to-end.

Through our innovative Test Outsourcing Dashboard (TOD), we’ve recently developed a self-service test automation platform, which allows clients to collaboratively monitor and manage all aspects of their test projects (including test plans and quotes), removing typical barriers associated to outsourced application testing.

As official global Atlassian, Zendesk, Microfocus and JAR Technologies Expert partner, we provide in-depth expertise in implementing these entire Agile project management, customer service, and software testing solutions. All our test consultants are certified by the International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB), and we’re accredited by the Irish Software Testing Board to provide ISTQB certification training, as well as the folllowing:

  • Application Testing (Manual, Automation, Performance & Penetration)
  • Project Management (Agile)
  • IT resources to work on SAP, JAVA, .Net, Microsoft & Oracle technical stack
  • Managed Services
  • Any other IT skilled resources required

Our clients include global financial services, insurance, tech, software, and public sector leaders, such as EMC, Intel, IBM, Sage, KBC, AIB, and Tesco.

Test Triangle’s areas of expertise for native, web and mobile application testing include:

  • Functional Testing / Test Automation: Assess ability of application to support the functional requirements in the test specification document which typically involves a comparison of the actual and expected output for a given set of input data.
  • System Integration Testing: Assess ability of application to interoperate successfully with all other installed software and/or systems.
  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT): Assess ability of application to support functional requirements based on usage scenarios (user stores) identified by the business stakeholders.
  • Performance, Load and Stress Testing: Assess application/server performance under increased load to identify performance bottlenecks using test metrics such as response times, throughput / transactions per second, page downloads per second.
  • Security Testing: Application assessment to identify potential vulnerabilities including cross- site scripting, injection flaws, malicious file execution, information leakage and improper error handling, broken authentication and session management, and insecure cryptographic storage.

To find out more about our service offering or discuss your IT project requirements in detail, please contact us directly – or request a quote via TOD on our website!

Thomas Siddons, Global Sales & Marketing Manager: +353 1 968 5078 / www.testtriangle.com