Q&A with Liam O’Sullivan on the Rollout of the New Post Logistics Service

Post Logistics


An Post have an unrivalled logistics network, a trusted brand and a proven track record in handling over two and a half million items every day. Recent research has now identified a pressing demand from our SME customers for a new freight forwarding service.

Post Logistics from An Post is a high-quality, reliable, standardised freight forwarding and groupage service for SMEs exporting to the UK and Europe. Welcome to An Post’s innovative new service for exporters based on reliability, simplicity, speed and value.

An Post’s Director of Mails Operations Liam O’Sullivan tells a compelling story of how the company decided to launch into the freight forwarding business.

How did the idea for Post Logistics come about?

An Post’s ambition is to do more business, an ambition that has seen it launch a number of new service options for customers in recent months. Hot on the heels of its Addresspal and home DeliveryBox products came a drive to push into new areas of business.

Then came the realisation that An Posts existing network and logistics capacity could be utilised to ‘Do More’ in the words of the company’s often repeated catchphrase. It’s not just a slogan, we are serious about creating new business and pushing ourselves to do more.

What is Post Logistics? And how can it assist those in global trade?

Post Logistics is exactly what it says on the tin, a high-quality, reliable, standardised freight forwarding and groupage service for SMEs exporting to the UK and Europe.

We are, after all, a commercial business, not just a service. We need to utilise our people, our assets and our network to find new customers and new business. The landscape we operate in is changing rapidly and we have to adapt and grow. It’s a great position to be in where we can utilise our existing skills, great staff and network to generate new business.

Above all, we will match all that is best about An Post with a very real demand from customers for a freight forwarding service that is simpler, faster, reliable and offers real value.

The real win is that we can actually help the nation trade more effectively on the global stage and make some money along the way.

Through our strategic alliance with DB Schenker we’ve been able to link our unrivalled Irish network with an equally unrivalled European network.

If you had one piece of advice for those starting out in the export industry, what would it be?

One piece of advice, five words ‘Research, and then more research’. We started with a hunch but then developed that through research. We examined the market, spoke to prospective customers, and developed what we believe is a pretty strong business case for Post Logistics. We actually asked the market what they needed and then worked to match what we could offer. In many ways, it was the customers who shaped what Post Logistics is all about.

Are you concerned about the implications of Brexit for Irish businesses or do you view it as an opportunity?

I do believe there are both challenges and opportunities here for Irish business caused by both the threat and the future reality of Brexit. In my view anything that makes it simpler, faster, reliable and offers better value for Irish firms to trade directly into mainland Europe helps us as a nation. That’s where Post Logistics come in.

Why is it important, in your view, for businesses to attend and participate in events such as EXIM Summit?

It’s no accident that we are here. This event is where we will meet our customers and competitors. Where better!

Sounds good, where do I start?

Head on over to the Post Logistics stand at the Exim Summit, speak to some of the Post Logistics people here or find us at www.postlogistics.ie