Startup Ireland – Setting Sights on Becoming a Global Startup Hub

Andrew Parish Startup Ireland & ConnectIreland

Andrew Parish, Startup Facilitator with Startup Ireland & ConnectIreland reflects on the growth in recent years of Ireland’s vibrant startup community and the plans ahead to make Ireland a global startup hub by 2020.

Ireland Embraces the Startup Culture

Ireland’s attitude to business has evolved in recent years. Startups, their prevalence and their importance has risen greatly. So much so that in 2013 a challenge was laid down to transform Ireland into a global startup hub by 2020. Startup Ireland was formed with that vision, and a body of work was done to mobilise the startup community.

Across Ireland, enterpreneurs plugged into Startup Ireland’s ambition and took charge as regional coordinators to help pull together the first ever Startup Gathering in 2015.

The Startup Gathering became a national week of events promoting entrepreneurship and showcasing Ireland’s startup sector. From October 5th to 10th 2015, hundreds of events were hosted in five Irish cities: Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway and Waterford. Most importantly, the event proved there is an interest and an appetite for progress in Ireland’s startup scene.

ConnectIreland Acquires Startup Ireland

Startup Ireland was recently acquired by ConnectIreland, the development promotion agency responsible for promoting Ireland as a business destination through the global Irish community.

The renewed focus for Startup Ireland now is simply to make connections. The value of connections cannot be underestimated. As every startup knows, one all-important connection could change everything. Startup Ireland, with ConnectIreland’s knowledge and expertise, can help make those connections.

We will facilitate the startup conversation and provide a platform for this conversation to take place. We also offer a gateway to Ireland for international startups and will enable access to networks, investors and mentoring. Ireland already has a motivated and connected network willing to support one another. Providing practical help and advice is key to nurturing innovative ideas and talent.

Future Ambitions

Later this year, Ireland will host the Startup Nations Summit – the first time the global event has ever been held in Europe. The international event will be held in Cork in November and will bring the focus of the global startup community on Ireland.

Hundreds of startup policy makers, advisors and public and private sector organisations from around the world, will collaborate and share ideas as to how we can all help high impact entrepreneurs start and scale new enterprises.

Collaboration is crucial to success. In 2015 the entire startup community in Ireland came together to achieve something exciting and innovative. They called for change. Together we need to be this change.

The startup community must not wait for others to make the change for them, we all need to be active participants in order to transform Ireland into a global startup hub. It all starts with one valuable connection.

Connect with us on and let’s make it happen.